photo & video by Matt Cronin

Hey there! 

I'm Matt. You must be looking for some videography or photo services! Well guess what. You came to the right place. 

In this day and age, pretty much anyone with money can go buy an expensive camera and call themselves an image capture expert, am I right? So what separates me from the rest? When you're contracting me for services, you are hiring someone who's obessed with getting the perfect shot. Obsessed with making the client happy. Obsessed with making the entire experience enjoyable and desirable. So that when you need more image capture work, you hit me up again! 

I'm very laid back. Easy to get along with. Effortless in my execution. And most important...adaptable. Everyone's needs change. I just want you to know...I'm here for you. Shoot me a line and lets get creative!!

Check out my reel below!